What do I want to achieve with this blog? I am not sure, really. What I do know is that we Indians take ourselves rather too seriously, and need to learn to laugh at ourselves.

Perhaps this may help some of us in doing that. We need to recognise that for all our differences, we do have certain defining traits as a nation, traits – good and not so good, like everyone else – that stamp us as Indians. Some of these traits are endearing, some commendable, some just plain annoying. But the truth is that these traits – as a package – are what make us Indians. That is what I want to write about, and I hope to be able to bring you stories that inform, entertain and perhaps make you think.

Do I write with any specific degree of insight? Am I – either through training or experience – qualified to write about what I do write about? The answer is yes, inasmuch as every Indian has the right and the opportunity to comment on what goes on around him or her. All it needs is some observation, some detachment, and the ability to laugh at oneself. Not to forget a laptop and an internet connection.

What else? I live in Mumbai. Like books, movies, music, the outdoors and alcohol. And yes, the picture does me justice, though it does seem as if I am having a bad hair day.

So here it is folks. The Quirky Indian. Would welcome your feedback and comments.


54 Responses to “About”

  1. sunshineforlife Says:

    hi there. jump in here from tag surfer. i always get interested about indian culture not that i had an indian bf for many years — bt i just felt that indians have endearing qualities that we people outside of india can appreciate. i’ve never been to india yet but in my mind india is a country of much history, vibrant colors, and interesting people. 🙂

  2. Quirky Indian Says:

    Hi Arlene. Thanks for visiting.

    Well, we have endearing qualities, as well as some not-so-endearing ones! You should visit India – it’s a beautiful country that has everything – high mountains, lush tropical forests, beautiful beaches and a desert as well.
    Plus a lot of history, a lot of colours and 1.1 billion interesting people.

    You’re quite a prolific blogger, I see.


  3. asmokescreen Says:

    Interesting blog. Browsed posts randomly and am quite taken with the style – acerbic yet wryly humorous.

    I wonder why people who write about India with a keen sense of observation and some degree of detachment are usually so cynical.

    Am blogrolling you …

  4. Quirky Indian Says:

    @asmokescreen – thank you for visiting, blogrolling and your kind comments!


  5. fvarga Says:

    Yes… Nice picture… But just one question: you never shave? And obviously that is the face after an hangover 🙂
    So it’s not the time to mess up with you 🙂
    More seriously, I like your blog.
    Cheers 🙂

  6. Quirky Indian Says:

    @fvarga – welcome to my blog, and thanks for the comment.

    Nice picture, isn’t it? And shaving’s waste of time…..besides, I’m not sure if it’ll make me look better than I obviously already do! 😉

    And believe me, you don’t want to see my face after a hangover. 🙂

    Looking forward to more visits,


  7. aargee Says:

    Reached here from mama-mia’s blog. I like the way you write. Will start going through your posts now 🙂

  8. Quirky Indian Says:

    @aargee – welcome, and thanks for the appreciation…..hope you enjoy your time here!

  9. sonaljhuj Says:

    Hi really found your blog interesting.

    and thank you for visiting mine 🙂

  10. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Sonaljhuj – Likewise!

  11. Nova Says:

    I like your nick – The quirky Indian 🙂 Adding ya to my blogroll!

  12. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Nova – welcome! 🙂

  13. Nimmy Says:

    “And yes, the picture does me justice, though it does seem as if I am having a bad hair day”


    Hi,Though I have stumbled upon you/your thoughts in several blogs,its my first time here,in your own place 🙂 Hope to read more here..

    Good day

  14. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Nimmy – welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy your visits here.

  15. namrata1006 Says:

    Hi, Thx for ur comment on my blog 🙂 You have quite a blog yourself..a good read..I myself will start writing about all things Hyderabadi 🙂

  16. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Sonal – am fine, thanks. And luckily, everyone I know is Ok too. Thanks again.

  17. Manpreet Says:

    I guess I would be spending quite some time here. Been wanting to come to your blog for a few days now, and today I found the opportunity (not that it didnt offer itself).

    For now, I am blogrolling you, so I don’t miss any posts.

  18. Vikram Says:

    “We need to recognise that for all our differences, we do have certain defining traits as a nation”

    Can you please tell me what traits a Christian from Tamil Nadu and a Buddhist from Arunachal Pradesh might possibly share ? 🙂

    Somehow the whole idea of finding unifying ‘traits’ among Indians seems very un-Indian to me 🙂 .

  19. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Manpreet: Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your visits here.

    @Vikram: I am very glad you asked the question. So you don’t think we have any unifying traits? How about defecating on the streets, spitting whenever and wherever we choose, utter disregard for rules and civic niceties, awe of and subservience to authority….the list goes on. 🙂

  20. Vikram Says:

    Hmmm, dont want to start a flame war here but I feel that most of those are compulsions rather than ‘traits’. And they are certainly not unique to Indians, so they definitely dont ‘make’ us Indian …. but carry on 🙂

  21. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Vikram: With the exception of defecating on the streets, I don’t think any of the rest can be called ‘compulsions’….and while as individual traits they may not be unique only to India, the entire combination is, I’m afraid, very Indian. From Diu to Dispur, from Srinagar to Sivakasi.

  22. kanagu Says:

    A very interesting blog.. Enjoyed the first post I read here 🙂 Keep going.. And the way you explained what you going to write and how you will do that is very nice 🙂

  23. Joe Says:

    How did I come across this blog?

  24. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Kanagu: Welcome, and thanks!

    @Joe: Somehow, I think you might be in a better position to answer your own question! 🙂 Welcome anyway, and enjoy your time here.

  25. amreekandesi Says:

    Thanks for the Blogroll mention!

  26. That picture always has me grinning 🙂 … but I was wondering if you aren’t a little older since you uploaded it?

    Wish you a Very Happy New Year … look forward to reading many more brilliant posts from you in 2009 also. – IHM

  27. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Amreekandesi: you’re welcome!

    @IHM: Sorry, was away. Yup, I’m older now and shedding a lot more hair…. 🙂

    A very happy new year to you as well!

  28. Nam Says:

    Hi QI, I am enjoying going through your blog, and will be adding you to my blogroll as well!

  29. ~uh~™ Says:

    Quite a National rational viewpoint.
    Mumbai, Movies, Alchohol eh ?


  30. Hey,

    Loved your blog! I have been trying to contact you but am unable to do so!

  31. Hi,

    Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week’s ‘Spicy Saturday Picks’.

  32. Quirky Indian Says:

    @Nam: Hi. Welcome to my blog. Glad you like it. And thanks for the blogroll mention! Quite like the name of your blog. 🙂

    @~uh~: Welcome to my blog. A few of the things that really matter in life, hey? 🙂 Cheers!

    @Haresh: Welcome to my blog. And thanks for the inclusion in “Spicy Saturday Picks”!

  33. Flaneur Says:

    Stumbled in from somewhere and wow what a find!
    witty,compelling and engaging…


  34. Flaneur Says:

    As an afterthought:maybe the cynicism could have been a little less pervasive…

  35. panchalkc Says:

    Hi Quirky Indian!

    I’m really impressed with your neat, elegant English.

    Also impressed with your objective and chilled view of things.

    Will blogroll you after going through a few more posts of yours. 🙂

    Take care.

  36. Amol Naik Says:


    Great blog! Very nice and neat maintained and presented as well..

    Keep us posted with good stuff!!!

  37. Lively Says:

    Came here through IHM’s blog. And boy, do i love the posts. The sarcasm inside me had died a silent death sometime back. I hope it has a rebirth after having enough doses here. 😛

  38. @Flaneur: Welcome and thanks!

    @Ketan: Welcome. Glad you liked my blog, and thanks for the blogroll mention!

    @Amol: Welcome and thanks!

    @Lively: Welcome. Glad you liked the posts and the doses!

  39. Vikas Gupta Says:

    Yet another about page which does not tell whether the author is male or female! Or “bad hair day” = Girl?! Neither did the posts tagged personal reveal much!

    Okay it does not matter, I know! Subscribing of course. Have seen and heard lots of you to date!

  40. Ramit Says:

    Hi! I just saw a comment from you on Sharell’s blog and looked up your blog. I like some of the things you’ve written. I want to add your blog to my blogger dashboard, but I do not see any option on your blog that would let me do it. Any ideas?

  41. @Vikas: Welcome here. I know it’s not important, but just because you asked, the answer is ‘male’. As for the bad hair day, haven’t you seen my profile picture? 🙂

    @Ramit: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the nice words. As regards your question, can’t help you there!

  42. I was wondering why would you say you feel like an outsider even though you’re as Indian as the next desi on your profile?

    I ask because I feel the same way but I have a reason to feel like an outsider. I was just curious to know why you felt the same way?


  43. Ketan Says:

    As you know, by now I’ve more than blogrolled you! 🙂

  44. @Addusalaam: Welcome. I feel like an outsider because I don’t think I am in sync with what most of my fellow citizens think or do. I also feel like an outsider because in all the places I have lived in India, I have always either spoken the wrong language, belonged to the wrong caste or the wrong religion. Though I would personally consider the first reason more important.

    @Ketan: Thanks again!

  45. […] The Quirky Indian by Quirky Indian. A blog with some of the funniest observations about Indians. Just like how he has stated on his […]

  46. […] The Quirky Indian by Quirky Indian. A blog with some of the funniest observations about Indians. Just like how he has stated on his […]

  47. Sandeep Singh Says:

    I came to your blog through Sharell’s blog and within 4 hours completed reading all the posts….Now i am hungry for more but can’t find any more of your posts….i have one complain though… you started your blog somewhere around 2008 and till now only 143 posts(oops that’s a good number…average 47 posts per year)…just want to read more of your quirkiness……anyways keep posting and keep educating and entertaining……

  48. Erin Says:

    Love your blog! I added you to my blogroll- hope you don’t mind.

  49. @Sandeep: Thanks!

    @Erin: Thank you. You have a very nice blog yourself, and it’s great to be on your blogroll.

  50. Seema Says:

    Not quite sure how I found myself here but I’m glad I did. You have a fantastic way of expressing yourself, and something about your dry humor coupled with a distinctive view on all things Indian tells me we’d get along swimmingly.

    Keep ’em coming.

  51. Hilarious blog you have here, Quirky Indian! 🙂 Mind if I blogroll you?

  52. syamukamath Says:

    Namasthe,. Im a new reader.:-)

  53. sonal jhuj Says:

    hey, where did you go? no tweets no post in quite a while. you’re missed!

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