Ritu thinks my blog is brilliant.

No, seriously. She does, and she’s given me an award to prove it. Woo-hoo!

So thank you Ritu! Now, according to the rules (dere’s allus dem damn rulz!), I need to write a post with my own list of 7 brilliant blogs, and notify each of the lucky winners by leaving a comment on their sites …..each of whom has to then contact seven others and so on…..comprends?

Trivia for the mathematically inclined – a little delving into memories of schooldays past tells me that this is an example of a divergent geometric series which, to the best of my knowledge, does not have a finite sum. Specifically, it is of the form ∑xⁿ where x ε I, x>1 and n ε I, n≥0, x being the number of people whose blogs are nominated in each round – 7 in this case – and n the number of rounds, and xⁿ thus giving the number of happy bloggers in round n.

For the rest of us mere mortals, what this means is that if all goes according to plan, round 8 of these awards should mean that a total of 5,764,801 happy bloggers would have been told their blogs are brilliant. If we assume a consistent ‘leakage’ of approximately a third of each person’s 7 respondents never carrying this forward, we still have 2,441,406 bloggers who would have been given the good news at the end of round 9. That’s a seriously large number of happy bloggers! (That must take care of every blogger around – and her aunt!)

So let’s all aim to make Blogosphere a happier place. As my contribution to this quest, here are the 7 blogs (in alphabetical order) that I think are brilliant. I have chosen blogs that are not part of my blogroll, because if you’re part of my blogroll, it already means I think your blog is brilliant!

Abha – hi-octane mum

Anshul – cartoon man

Balu – quiet blogger from Bangalore

Dave and Jenny – two New Yorkers in The Dally!

Liam and Conall – humour from the UK and humor from the USA

Rambodoc – funny medicine that packs a wallop

Vaibhav – tech tips and more

Congratulations, people! Go out and spread the cheer.