You know what I love about artists – and filmmakers in particular – from the US and UK? Their originality. Their desire to push the envelope. To do something new.

There’s this film that’s apparently been screened at Cannes, and was in the running for top honours there. It’s called “Looking for Eric”, and is the story of a down-and-out postman whose life is going downhill. Then his hero, football star Eric, magically starts appearing before him and giving him advice. No one can see Eric, except our postman. Wow. Whatanideasirjee!

Why can’t we make films like this? (Edited to add: Sarcasm Alert!)


Did any of you see this piece of ‘news’ in the DNA? IT professionals apparently make the best lovers. Take heart, all you Big-Bang-Theory type people. Geeky is the new Sexy.

Here are some of the highlights of this survey, with my vishesh tippani in italics.

“In addition, 82 percent IT workers claimed that they put their partners’ sexual needs above theirs, which turned out to be the highest among all of those asked.”

Hmmmm…a clear case of the Techies’ creed of service spilling over into their personal lives.

“And fitness freaks were also found to be the most selfish lovers too, reports the Sun. When asked whether they considered their partners’ needs above theirs, only 41 per cent answered positively, scoring the lowest among all those questioned.”

Brilliant insight. Who would have ever associated vanity, selfishness and narcissism with people who spend most of their waking hours agonising about how to move from a six-pack to an eight-pack…..whatever that is!

“However, when it comes to stamina, they (fitness freaks) certainly have an edge over others – IT workers, though passionate, failed to answer in affirmation when asked if they have sex more than three times a week.”

Words fail me! People who are fit generally tend to have more stamina? Nobel prize winning stuff, this!


The French Open has begun. It was while desultorily watching some first round encounters that I found a player who could finally take on Federer.

Mathilde Johansson, a French player, dropped her racket and almost burst into tears after a series of double faults – during one of the many match points she had. And a short while later, having self-destructed and lost the match, the tears finally flowed. Familiar stuff!

Poor Roger. As if it wasn’t bad enough being displaced from Number 1 in the ATP rankings, it seems he’s going to be eased out of his Numero Uno position in the Tennis Waterworks Rankings as well!