And the final story is when I was travelling alone, and so no car stopped, but a bike did. The guy was going to Noida, and as I had to go to Maharani Bagh, he said he’d take me as far as Noida Mod. So far so good. This was at Rajghat, and as we drove on, I noticed the guy was sliding back on the seat towards me. Thinking he was trying to find a comfortable position, I slid back. But the guy kept coming. And I found myself at the rear edge of the seat, with nowhere to go and the guy’s butt uncomfortably close to my crotch. Then we stop at a red light, and while asking me where I live and what are my hobbies (!!!!), he starts caressing my thigh. Now I’m thinking to myself – this really can’t be happening to me. Meanwhile, the guy has noticed my sliding back and playfully says “Arre, aap to peeche hi jaa rahe ho, thoda aage bhi to aao”. (You’re just sliding back, why don’t you try coming forward?) To which I mumble some reply along the lines of “I’m fine, thanks”. And then, recovering my composure (yes, I am rattled!), tell him to slide himself back in front. Which he reluctantly does.

Now I’m doing a quick cost-benefit analysis in my head: Ok, so some gay dude’s making a pass at me. He’s caressing my thigh and trying to wedge his butt into my crotch. Not very pleasant. On the flip side, it is a hot afternoon, the next likely place to get a ride is Noida Mod which is just 5 minutes away, and then the clincher – WTF is he going to do on a bike? I mean, if he moves his butt towards me again, I can again tell him to stop. If he doesn’t, well, I’ll just have to push him back (which is actually front!), and he probably now knows I’m not game.

Anyway, the guy figured he had the wrong number and made no further moves after that. Though he did try one last time as I got off at Noida Mod – “oye yaar, tu maharani bagh kyun jaa raha hain…aa noida chal kay party-sharty karte hain.” (Why are you going to Maharani Bagh? Let’s go to Noida and party.)