Well, it seems that the Communists have got away with it once again. The CRPF officer has been packed off to his HQ, and the Member of Parliament (MP) is trying to see if this “misbehaviour” can be referred to the Privileges Committee. (Please refer to my previous post, The Commies Are At It Again!)

What can one say? Every time some official tries to do his job and refuses to kowtow to an MP, it becomes a matter for the Privileges Committee. Remember the row the Muslim league non-resident-Indian-yet-an-MP from Kerala had with the pilot of his flight? And that’s not the only instance. They get upset when the courts declare certain things unconstitutional. They foam at the mouth when sting operations expose them. They obviously do not want the same rules to apply to them.

So why don’t we formalise this arrangement that MPs (extendable to MLAs/MLCs/Corporators) have into a code of conduct to be followed by us, the less equal citizens of the country? It can be made very simple:

Rule 1. The honourable MP is always right. Always.

Rule 2. In case of doubt, refer to Rule Number 1.

Rule 3. The term MP is defined as the MP, his family, his extended family, his staff & their immediate families and not more than two pets. (Hey, we have to draw the line somewhere. Can’t let them walk all over us!)

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel we are enacting a real-life version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm?