It is amazing how the communists in India, despite the worst transgressions, manage to maintain a squeaky clean image. I am not very clued into the local politics of Kerala, but for years have known that the cadre goons rule West Bengal like a fiefdom. Dissent is not tolerated, and there is no law but party law, no other recourse that the hapless people of West Bengal have but the party, even for trifling family matters.

While the communists came to power there on the basis of broad and popular public support, over the years they have resorted to bullying, intimidation and scare tactics to remain in power. This has been the history of West Bengal for at least two decades now.

Of course, as is wont to happen, they got cocksure and complacent, and Nandigram happened. Nandigram exposed to the world what people’s power in West Bengal was all about. The communists characteristically tried to bluster their way out, and even succeeded to a large extent. But the ghosts of Nandigram refuse to go away. Here’s an article, a first-hand account of a journalist there. And here’s a video of a telephone spat between the local commie MP and the CRPF DIG. The MP apparently tried to intimidate the CRPF DIG into staying in his camp – obviously so as to allow his boys to carry on their bullying tactics unhindered. With the communists in power for decades now, the state administration is obviously a tool to carry out the party’s diktats. A central paramilitary force, however, is another kettle of fish, and far more difficult to intimidate. They still might succeed in intimidating the weak central government, though. Karat and Yechury need to up their histrionics in Delhi and threaten to withdraw support for this to happen. Which they predictably will! And an officer who tried to do his job will probably have his service record blighted and be shunted to some obscure posting.

Now the commies want the CRPF out of the area, saying the CRPF is not needed there. We can be sure that once the CRPF is out of there, the “boys” will resume their looting, pillaging and raping.

And let us not be fooled into thinking that Nandigram is an aberration. No, Nandigram was only the aberration that got caught…….there are thousands of other Nandigrams in West Bengal where the rights of poor, helpless citizens are trampled under the metaphorical jackboots of communist goons.

Yes, it is amazing how the communists have kept their real image hidden from all of us for so long. And how they continue to manage to do so, courtesy a fawning and conniving media, all the while surreptitiously undermining every fundamental right and every liberal tradition worth preserving.