What do I want to achieve with this blog? I am not sure, really. What I do know is that we Indians take ourselves rather too seriously, and need to learn to laugh at ourselves.

Perhaps this may help some of us in doing that. We need to recognise that for all our differences, we do have certain defining traits as a nation, traits – good and not so good, like everyone else – that stamp us as Indians. Some of these traits are endearing, some commendable, some just plain annoying. But the truth is that these traits – as a package – are what make us Indians. That is what I want to write about, and I hope to be able to bring you stories that inform, entertain and perhaps make you think.

Do I write with any specific degree of insight? Am I – either through training or experience – qualified to write about what I do write about? The answer is yes, inasmuch as every Indian has the right and the opportunity to comment on what goes on around him or her. All it needs is some observation, some detachment, and the ability to laugh at oneself. Not to forget a laptop and an internet connection.

So here it is folks. The Quirky Indian. Would welcome your feedback and comments.